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Satin Lace Corset - Red Satin / Black Floral Trims



  • Satin Lace Corset - Red Satin / Black Floral Trims

If you want to wear an interesting corset top that is inspired by Victorian fashion, then wearing the Satin Lace Corset - Red Satin / Black Floral Trims is your best choice.

This type of corset features the red and black colorway which are two classic colors that you will often see on elegant corset tops. This particular corset also features the tube design which is coupled with the soft bone framing which improves the torso. This constricting corset also ensures that the corset top stays firmly in place without falling off even if the corset is not attached to a pair of shoulder straps.

The bodice is made from red satin and is decorated with the presence of the black mesh overlay particularly near the side panel. This adds another dimension to the corset top. Moreover, the bust as well as the base of the corset top is decorated with the black wide lace trim which adds texture to the corset.

The corset comes with a lot of details and so as not to give the corset an overkill appearance, it is decorated with the busk closure found at the back panel. However, the corset comes with the back lacing which shows off your sexy back area.

The corset top does not come with other apparels so you might want to buy a matching black thong panty, a pair of black mesh stockings and hand gloves to complete your look. However, if you have all these apparels already, then there’s no need for you to buy them anymore. This Satin Lace Corset - Red Satin / Black Floral Trims will restock soon.

Category: Corsets  |  September 21,2011


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