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Male Costumes - Velvet Santa / Fluffy White Beard



  • Male Costumes - Velvet Santa / Fluffy White Beard

There are three days of the year when Santa Claus comes out in complete full force. These days are normally Christmas Day, Christmas Even, and Halloween! Although it may be a strange sight to see Santa Claus on Halloween, it does happen! You can choose to dress as the most popular holiday character in the world when you choose this complete Male Costumes - Velvet Santa / Fluffy White Beard. Maybe you can surprise some children this year!

This costume has absolutely everything that you will need to become the embodiment of Christmas. You will get the beautiful white Santa hat with red velvet and a white ball at the end, but also with the white lining at the bottom of the hat. You get the very large white fluffy beard that Santa is known for as well. The largest part of the costume is the soft and red velvet suit. This special suit has pockets that are hidden so nobody can see them and a large leather looking belt with a golden buckle. The outfit is complete with the red velvet pants that match the hat and suit perfectly. You also get an eyebrow stick, white wig, glasses, gloves, and cuffs when you order this in order to become Santa Claus. This Male Costumes - Velvet Santa / Fluffy White Beard will restock soon.

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